Meant to be together

Blair Robert Phillips, the son of Paul and Debbie Phillips, grew up as the youngest of four boys in the corn fields of Illinois, USA. The starting point of Blair's relationship with God began at the age of 4. During his 12 years of homeschooling Blair was very active in 4-H and professional catering. His passion since his teens is to study and teach the Word of God in enjoyable and creative ways. 

Karilyn Ruth Phillips, the daughter of Daniel and Kimeline Schultz, grew up as the middle child of five children in the lakes of Alberta, Canada. The starting point of her relationship with God began at the age of 4. God gave Karilyn a desire to love Him with her music ability and people with her artistic ability which gave her a passion for ministering nationally and internationally.

Blair and Karilyn met at the International House Of Prayer in Kansas City, Missouri in 2013. They were drawn together during their student years at the International House Of Prayer University by a common desire to know God and a calling to make Him known. In response to God's call upon their lives together, Blair and Karilyn were married on July of 2016 and have committed to full time ministry; to be faithful and fruitful wherever God leads them.  They know that God desires to use them in bringing healing to Jew and Gentile hearts through both written and visual arts. 

“Our lives should be more than just focusing on our marriage, but focusing our marriage toward what GOD’S MISSION is for us as a couple.”
— Francis Chan