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Our Vision

We are a Family that the Lord has called to Equip Individuals & Communities to Encounter Jesus Christ

We live to advance the Great Commission given by Christ to take His Gospel to every tongue, tribe, and nation. Currently, we serve as missionaries at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City fueling the night and day prayer movement in collaboration with the world's largest mission organizations. 



Canadian Parents

Karilyn's parents, Daniel and Kim Schultz, came for a visit! We thoroughly enjoyed every moment.


Solemn Assembly

For 3 days (10am-6pm) the Prayer Room moved to our Church as the IHOPKC community came to pray and fast together.

1) For an increase of the Holy Spirit’s activity in helping us to RESET and to relate together as a New Testament spiritual family.

2) That the Holy Spirit touches our personal families, spouse, children, siblings - spiritual, physical, and relational healing with God’s power and favor on our families and all that has been entrusted by the Lord to each individual family.
3) For a Third Great Awakening in America - for tens of millions of new converts and the vibrant Church walking in the first commandment and moving in power. For the Lord to deliver the Church in the USA from a Laodicean spirit (Rev. 3:16).
4) For the Lord to release greater grace on Israel in the midst of increasing anti-Semitism, and for great visitation of the Spirit on our Messianic brothers and sisters in the land of Israel and in the nations.


Baldwin Family

Seeing loved ones move is never easy. Since 2016 the Baldwin family has been a significant part of our lives. From living in their basement apartment for our first year of marriage to babysitting their children and cleaning their home weekly, to going on double dates and praying together, we loved every bit.


Third Semester of CBETS Completed

There are over 150 chapters on the end times; the return of Jesus. This fall we studied the chapters within Ezekiel, Daniel, Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Nahum, and Micah. Blair co-lead a group in the weekly discussions.


Homecoming Dancers

Following the Homecoming Convergence in September, Karilyn, on behalf of the IHOPKC dance ministry, invited the Homecoming dance leaders to do a workshop leading up to dance at Onething.

During Onething (December 28th-31st), 26 dancers (including Karilyn who facilitated the group) led the room in worship with the singers and musicians!


Onething Global Leadership Summit

After a year of planning, we were overjoyed to see the fruit from much labor and prayer. 550 people came, of which 29 nations were represented.

The re-set is a “hardcore” reset. The Lord wants a Mary of Bethany lifestyle, which the Apostle Paul walked in and called others to in the church. God’s people have to let His Spirit download it into their souls, hearts, minds, families, and ministries. It’s no longer about unity. It’s about oneness in family.
— M.OB.



For everyone who attended or watched Onething Reset, and the Church as a whole. That we all would let God download the Mary of Bethany lifestyle into our souls, hearts, minds, families, and ministries. 

Oneness In Family

To shift our focus on one another from observing to having a deep love for each other. A love that says, I will "rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep" (Romans 12:15) and I will be "quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger" (James 1:19).


So grateful...

Your love, friendship andpartnership hasfar reachingimpact. THANK YOU!  We are so grateful that we get to advance God's Kingdom together with you. May the joy of the Lord fill you, may His peace surround you, and may His grace sustain you!